Aristotle famously said that a meaningful statement is either true or false; there is no in-between.  This is called the Law of Excluded Middle.  However, a great many people say there can be in-betweens, and even try to axiomatize the idea.  Sometimes this is called “fuzzy logic.”  I think it’s fuzzy thinking.


There are so many things I took much longer to learn than I should have.  Here is an incomplete list.

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There is nothing wrong with old ideas, so long as they are true.  And there is nothing admirable about new ones, if they aren’t. 

There are some truths which do not have to be proven, but are needed for working out all the other truths.



In considering the relative gravity of sins, Aquinas considers pride in itself as graver than murder, since pride, in its proper meaning, is by its very nature a turning away from God.  Murder in its nature constitutes an unjust taking of life, and turning away from God is its consequence, not its essence.


Rather than an extended reflection on a single theme, this is a series of short thoughts that have been knocking around in my mind.

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