Theophilus Unbound

M.E. Theophilus -- Professor Theo to his students -- is my virtual colleague.  He teaches in the Division of Antediluvian Studies, Post-Everything University, where he holds the PMS Chair,* to which he was appointed by mistake.  Ever since I began posting his conversations and correspondence online, some years ago, people have confused him with me.  Quite a few people take his initials, "M.E.," as a reference to "me."  I would like to assure readers that we are not the same person.  Among other things, he's cooler, and gets away with a lot of things I couldn't get away with at my own post-everything university.  If you want to know what his initials really stand for, look up Luke 1:3.  Loading him up with a name like that was his father's idea.  Ha ha, Dad.

Altogether there are close to three hundred dialogues and letters from students.  It will take time to post them all here, though I hope to.  Most of the students who come to speak with Theophilus are college or college-bound students who share his Christian faith, or at least want to argue with him about it.  The last three books on the book page are addressed to the same audience, so if you're interested, click on Obtain Books, below, and scroll down to the bottom row.

*Chair of Post-Modern Studies

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