Just a little thought about unanticipated consequences.


Instead of enjoying his vocation, he thinks that his vocation is enjoyment.



I mentioned in a previous post that some people think we ought to practice social distancing not just while the epidemic runs its course, but from now on.

In a world in which more people than ever before think that when you die, you’re nothing but worm food, it’s hard to resist the idea that this sort of hysteria is connected with other common ones.


Now I’ve seen everything:  Boutique rioting.

A crowd floating down Austin’s famous Sixth Street.  Young men holding hands with their girl friends, strolling along and looking.  Every third person taking a video or selfie.

And in the background, a store being looted.

The mayor says he is pleased that some of them are wearing masks.



I have nothing to say against real science.  But isn’t it interesting that the people who talk most about “following the science” usually don’t know much about the science?


Yes, the epidemic is real.  However, the rate of coronavirus infection, Covid-19, is dwarfed by the rate of infection with the less publicized seehowworriediam virus, Goo Goo-12.  Like others in the Goo Goo family, the pathogen is spread by listening to conventional and electronic media.