Portent of Global Cooling, Scientists Warn


AUSTIN, TEXAS (CMM) – An unexpected summer cold snap shocked the Texas capital yesterday as the mercury plunged to minus 17,966° F.


Last semester some of my students asked whether, if it were possible, we should do something to our genes so that, barring accident, our lifespan was unlimited.

Our lifespan in this world, mind you.  It’s a tempting thought, but consider.

If we were immortal, no new generations would arise to replace us.


Fatherhood is taking it in the chops these days, and fanatics use the term “patriarchy” as a synonym for oppression.  Against all that is this:


Shame is not the same as guilt – or perhaps it would be better to say that there are several kinds of shame.

To hide one’s sins from others really is the shame of guilt.  But to practice modesty is the shame of innocence.



I am a Chinese scholar.  It is said that Thomas Aquinas gave up his research on rational theology before his death and confessed his research is nonsense and it means he retrogressed to Tertullian standpoint (embracing credo quia absurdum).  Is this true?



The philosopher Thomas Nagel’s famous article, “The Absurd,” concludes, “If sub specie aeternitatis there is no reason to believe that anything matters, then that doesn’t matter either, and we can approach our absurd lives with irony instead of heroism or despair.”


Satire is a wonderful tool, but what do you do with something like gender studies?  Its craziness accelerates so rapidly that by the time the satire is published, reality has outpaced it.

These folks have figured it out:  Get it to satirize itself.