This just in.  Hindu comic books (did you know there were Hindu comic books?) are changing traditional Hindu iconography.  The new trend is to make gods look like Western action heroes.

In the meantime, Western comic books, as well as movies and certain science fiction genres, are accelerating their trend of making action heroes into gods.  Think Lucy.  Think Captain America.

One effect of all this is to further the paganizing of the culture by inspiring worship of the creature (bulging muscles or breasts, superpowers, and all that) instead of the Creator.

Another is to further the ideology of transhumanism:  An even more radical worship of the creature, in which man seeks to be the Creator.  We will recreate ourselves, you see.

Don’t laugh.  A lot of scientists are on the “human enhancement” bandwagon.  Eugenics, which took a black eye from the Nazis, is back again.  If any of the fantasies of recreation come to pass, the result won’t look like Utopia, but like the Hindu caste system, this time with “gene rich” and “gene poor” humans.  We can’t truly recreate ourselves, but we can ruin ourselves.

It won’t take godless corporations or the State to make it happen (although they are already in the act).  All it will require is competition among parents for designer babies.