No, the Church is not opposed to capital punishment under all circumstances.  What it teaches is since today we have prisons, the instances in which capital punishment may be necessary are rare.  (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2267).


There have always been occasional demands for recount, but there has been a sea change.  Ever since Bush vs. Gore, it has been routine Democratic practice to challenge the legitimacy of every electoral defeat (and after Trump it may become routine for Republicans too).


After six months promoting the Myth of the Good Riot, today the Left is scandalized that violence might be used to promote a political cause.


The Georgia senatorial runoff election is today.  Every living soul there should vote.  The dead surely will.



I posted the following item in July, when the “fact checkers” were telling us how honest the coming election would be and how ridiculous it was to have any doubts about massive rule changes such as drastically expanded mail-in voting.  As we now know, what happened on November 3rd was worse than even skeptics like me expected.


In adoring the birth of our Saviour, we find we are celebrating the commencement of our own life.  For the birth of Christ is the source of life for Christian folk, and the birthday of the Head is the birthday of the body.