I think your point that socialists can be just as materialistic as capitalists is well-taken. However, I’m not so sure the main appeal of Bernie to the young is free tuition (at least not free tuition for them). Most of the young non-religious people I know -- mostly artists of some kind -- support Bernie, and most of them are already out of college.

They are already leftists, they are already ignorant of economics, and they support Bernie rather than Hilary because they sense authenticity in him -- he actually believes what he is saying, unlike anyone else in the race.


You’re trying to understand why confirmed young leftists might support Senator Sanders over Senator Clinton, and I’m sure your reasoning is correct.  But I’m trying trying to understand why unformed young people might be attracted to his leftism in the first place.

They do want someone “authentic.”  But although it is difficult to believe in the authenticity of someone as indictable as Senator Clinton, I don’t think it true that nobody else in either party believes what he is saying.

On the other hand, it is easy to believe in the authenticity of someone who enthusiastically promotes one’s own self-interest.  And to feel good about it too.


Coming Monday:  Is it all materialism, or is there something else too?