It’s strange how the notion that men and women are identical works against the very equality that it tries to uphold.  The same, are they?  The same as what?  Though with some dissimulation, identicalists almost always answer, "The same as men."

Men who despise women are not the only ones who take this line.  It is also taken by those so-called feminists who detest everything feminine, regard womanly women as traitors to the cause, and insist on an ideal which is supposedly indifferent to sex, but is actually masculine.

This is the same root from which spring those strange male fantasies about worlds of the future in which women lead armies, command starships, gun down enemies, and are ready for sexual intercourse at any moment.  The underlying wish is that both sexes would be men, but that some of these men would look like women and wear tight clothes.

Considering how things have been going lately, I wonder why no one imagines a different future, in which the institution of marriage has disintegrated.  Women of that time raise children in matriarchal clans, like elephants.  Now and then, a man who is hardly a man drifts in to mate, after a short time drifting out to roam with others who are just like himself.  Thanks to our social policies, it is already happening among the poor.